Manage Your Membership Database

Manage your church’s greatest ministry resource—member data—with a suite of tools that allows many tasks to be automated and accessible online.

Close the Back Door

Effectively assimilate visitors by instantly acknowledging their presence through SMS and Assigning follow up persons

Membership Reports

Get relevant data from our flexible and wide range of quality custom reports on members and their particulars

Effectively Manage Tithes and Offerings

Record tithes and offerings and instantly acknowledge receipt of income by SMS

Manage Pledges, Funds and Other Incomes

iChurch provides an effective but simple to use system to set up and manage funds and pledges.

Email People & Groups

Email people, groups and leaders with the click of a button

Text Messaging

Quickly send SMS text messages to people, leaders and groups

Control What People See

You have full control over what people can view and access on iChurch. Set up as many Access Permissions as you require and establish various access levels

Multiple Branches and Locations

Set up multiple branches for your church and easily navigate information. Assign any sort of information to these locations, including church members

Data Hierarchy

For those larger denominations that have multiple branches iChurch Solutions provides a system in which each branch will record its data independently but aggregated up by area, zones, region, nation etc.

Graph Reports

We provide you with various key graphical information for you to see your performance in each key area of your church, these are represented in line, pie and bar charts

Video Conferencing

Our system gives you a quick and easy way to access video conferencing leveraging the power of Zoom.

Export your Data

Each custom report and or mini report allows you to export your data into various formats including Excel, PDF and printable format

Desktop, Tablet, or Phone

Because we are web based, Run iChurch on any sized device with internet connectivity or use the iChurch App for iPhone, iPad, & Android

Import your Data

Bulk importing allows you to import your old system's data into iChurch Solutions or we can do it for you during your onboarding phase

Schedule Emails & Texts

Prepare in advance by scheduling emails and texts to be automatically sent in the future

Reliable Support

Get the necessary support that you may need by contacting us

Take Charge of Your Church

Through our Approval Manager, you can keep an audit trail of all activities

Get a Quick Overview

Our Dashboard provides a quick overview to key happenings in your church in the areas of attendance and income

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