What Makes iChurch Different from Other Church Management Software

  • We Provide a wide range of rich reports and monitoring tools in both graphical and tabular formats to help you make informed decisions about your church.
  • The Approval Manager Tool of iChurch helps you to scrutinize every transaction in order to ensure the integrity of your data and provide an audit trail.
  • iChurch’s dashboard has been organized to provide you with a rich overview of key summaries of happenings in your church
  • iChurch is built by church people who understand the dynamics and life of church
  • iChurch effortlessly provides the integration of large denominations with several churches with a centralized comprehensive report.
  • We designed iChurch to be intuitive. Very easy and simple to use that your untrained lay leaders will feel comfortable with it.
  • We have thought through the processes, systems, and structures that are required for a healthy church and we have built iChurch to help you on that journey.
  • We maintain a 99.9% uptime, which means you can access your data from any internet-connected device...anytime.
  • iChurch is affordable and ideal for churches of any size- church plants, medium, and large churches with several churches
  • We have the best tools to help you organize, track, follow up and engage your members, groups, and visitors.

How We Can Help Your Church

Because We Understand How Tough Running a Church Can Be, We have Put Together a Range of Comprehensive but Simple to Understand Reports to Help You Stay on Top of Happenings in Your Church and Make Meaningful Decisions

  • Attendance Reports for Service Headcounts, Groups, and Individuals to help you see a trend either in graphical or tabular forms to make decisions on attendance
  • Detailed Tithe and Offering Reports to monitor and see the trend of giving in your church for individuals and time periods either in graphical or tabular forms
  • Follow Up Reports to help track visitors and easily know who to hold responsible for the souls that God brings your way
  • Set Up, Manage, and Monitor Pledges, Funds and other Special Incomes to account for every income
  • Capture all essential membership details to help you know who your members are on a personal level irrespective of the size of your church.
  • And Many more wide range of tools

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