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$̶2̶5̶ / Month

  • 150 Members
  • 200 Free SMS


$̶3̶5̶ / Month

  • 500 Members
  • 200 Free SMS


$̶6̶0̶ / Month

  • 1K Members
  • 200 Free SMS


$̶7̶5̶ / Month

  • 2K Members
  • 200 Free SMS


$̶1̶1̶0̶ / Month

  • 3K+ Members
  • 200 Free SMS

Pricing FAQ

Why are your prices so low?

iChurch Solutions was created by trained and experienced pastors and church administrators that are people centered. Our desire is to be a help and a blessing to all ministries. Our software exists to support the mission of the churches and ministries who share this belief and to equip its leaders to do effective ministry. We are committed to helping Christian churches, ministries and leaders by providing excellent products and support at a price that is reasonable.

Do we get a discount for paying yearly?

Absolutely. If you want to pay yearly, you'll be saving yourself between 7 - 15% depending on the package you are selecting.

Do you charge a setup fee? An import fee?

We have a standard onboarding fee that comes with training and importing your data. Aside that there are no other charges in getting setup.

Does each individual count toward the maximum members on my plan?

Yes, each individual (including Adult, Teens and Children) that you enter will count toward the total number of members you can enter with your selected plan. However, you can archive inactive or unused names, and archived names do not count toward the number.

What happens if I need to upgrade my package?

You can upgrade at any time, depending on the phase of your monthly cycle we will either charge you based on the difference between the 2 plans or charge you the full price of the new package.

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